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Innovation in Composition

Interested in reading work by SNC freshman composition students?  You should be!  Students in Professor Chris Anderson’s freshman comp. classes select the best writing produced each semester then publish it on the student driven blog, SierraNevadaChronicles.com.  For their final project, students work in editorial panels to select pieces from multiple composition genres, including personal narrative, argument, and research, for publication on the site.  The project gives students a purpose for writing and a sense of audience (that goes beyond the teacher) bringing their writing into the real world of public consumption – a scary, but motivating thought!   Reading, analyzing, and commenting on the work of their predecessors gives later students the opportunity to not just find inspiration in the work of their peers, but to build on that work and hopefully challenge themselves to produce something even better.  The work published is often moving and always entertaining.   Give it a read today!