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Dr. Robert King: a passion for knowledge and learning

This article is reprinted from the Sept. 12, 2013 issue of the Eagle’s Eye, Sierra Nevada College’s campus newspaper.
By Carly Courtney

Hidden away on the second floor of Prim Library outside the office of Dr. Robert King, the only sounds pervading the still air are whispered questions and footsteps echoing through the grates from the floors above. The silence is broken when the doors swing open to permit two professors walking up the stairs, laughing and planning a meeting “for this time next week.”

King pulls a chair out across the desk, a plaid button-up shirt sticking out the bottom of his navy cardigan, and worn Vans sticking out from underneath his pants. He pushed his thick rimmed glasses up further on his nose, one of Sierra Nevada College’s younger Ph.D holding professors, and began to talk quickly and without pause.

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