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Student Teaching in APA


With the semester at the midpoint, we have officially begun student teaching in our APA class.  Senior, Maggie Burns, has taken the role as student teacher on Monday evenings to give the students of APA additional assistance and a different perspective.

Maggie uses APA style writing in her own academics and it can be a treat for students to see APA Style in action.  This is a mutually beneficial arrangement–APA students see material from a new perspective and Maggie will gain hands on instructor and mentoring experience.  Maggie Burns shared, “This is a great opportunity for me.  I am not only learning how to teach a topic that I utilize on a daily basis, but I am also helping others understand the topic better.  This will also assist me getting into a graduate program.  If something like this was available to me while I was taking APA, I would have been to every meeting!  Giving this option to students is very rewarding.”