Harmony Through Birds

“Today was a day of harmony. The birds were chirping, the wind was blowing, and the leaves were rattling. Everything combined sounded like a symphony that reached a level of musical harmony that has yet to be heard by the human ears. I want to discuss how the sounds around you, especially birds, can affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

Psychology Today wrote an article explaining some of the benefits of hearing birds in the air. “Bird songs make traffic noise more tolerable, make people feel less crowded and can even mediate circadian rhythm” (McLendon,2018). Being from a city, you only hear noises from the animals that we have created, which are planes, trains, and cars. We have surrounded ourselves with so much noise it’s easy to lose ourselves in the ever growing world. “Bird sounds engage the human brain conveying information about our surroundings. They foster a connection with nature, which research shows may provoke effortless attention, restore alertness, reduce stress, decrease hostility, and promote a sense of well-being” (Andrews, 2011). When we find ourselves lost or with tunnel vision – the birds and wildlife are able to reel us back into the moment and show us that we are alive and living. We may find solidarity in the least likely places because, “bird sounds decreased perceptions of crowding and increased tolerance for seeing other people on the trail. Conversely, airplane or truck sounds had the opposite effect” (Andrews, 2011).

You begin to see that we are connected with nature for as long as civilization and humankind have been around. We must return to our roots from which we came and remember the importance of nature and the effects nature has on us. Your day may change if you hear the birds chirping and I hope to see it change for the best.



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