Staying Connected and Motivated

Welcome Back, Eagles, to another unique semester! I hope the first week is starting off in a good direction. I know for some it is difficult to stay motivated and connected while learning through a computer screen. It may not be the ideal learning situation that we were all looking forward to, but we’re here to help you get through these hardships with a few helpful tips.

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself connected and motivated:

Balance your time and attention – Too much time focusing your attention on a screen can have a negative impact on your mental and emotional health. Be aware of how much screen time you are getting when completing school work, browsing social media, etc. Don’t be shy to go outside and smell the autumn air as the leaves on the trees begin to change colors.

Stay connected – Distance learning does not mean isolation and independent study. There are a multitude of ways to stay connected to your fellow peers and colleagues that will close the gap between online and in-person learning. I’m sure your peers and colleagues feel the same! Take care of your social well-being as much as your mental and emotional health.

Stay Positive – A smile a day keeps the worries away! Just smiling can change your attitude and allow you to feel the extra motivation you need to take the next step forward and so forth.

We hope these quick tips help you through these difficult times we are all facing. Remember, you are not alone and your fellow Eagles are here for you. Let’s fly even higher than before and conquer the skies!


A few tips from the psych students!

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