How Inferences and Assumptions Hurt Us.

It is important to know the difference between the two, and be able to identify which one we are doing.…assumptions/484

I believe this is the basis for critical thinking. To re-construct the foundations of our ideas to involve those concepts and perspectives which before were unknown to us. This is one greatest skills that we can display in our interactions with others. Unfortunately, I feel that we would rather hold on to what we already perceive we know then trying to understand something that might not support our beliefs.

I also adamantly believe that if we continue to rely on the past for how we expect people to act that we are normally proven correct. So much of our environment can be affected by us and our attitudes towards each other. If we perceive that people are good and we believe the best in people we often get a response that confirms our positive beliefs. The opposite works as well. If we expect nothing but negativity from a person it almost impossible for the interaction not to feel that way to us. No matter what may have actually occurred. My point is, inferences and assumptions are something that we rely and yet struggle with on a daily basis. We blame the models in our environments for our shortcomings. Yet, how many of us try to control these for the benefit for all, and not just confirming our self centered safe beliefs?

I challenge every all of you (myself included) to keep a humanistic and positive regard toward all people that we encounter. It is up to us to not repeat history, and make our own present circumstances better than they are. Even if past aggressions have occurred this is a chance to prove that if we can be better than our own mistakes, so can others.

Ethan Bolinger

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