Sybile Moser on the value of Research and SNC’s Psychology Undergraduate Program

Sybile Moser is a senior undergraduate at SNC who will be graduating this May.  She is a fellow Psychology major and intern worker in Professor Christina M. Frederick’s office.  I choose to interview her, because of her close work with the psychology department and the previous undergraduate research she conducted last year and plans to conduct this year.  Sybile is in charge of the Psychology Department’s social media accounts and helps with psychology functions around campus.  I asked general questions about Sybile’s experience at SNC with the psychology department to gauge the personal growth she has undergone and then I let my fingers do all the typing!

  1. “Tell me about your experience with undergraduate research here at Sierra Nevada College and the value you believe it brings not only to our little institution but the effect of research on humanity on a global scale.”


“Doing research here was one of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever done.  It’s easily my favorite part of education here at SNC because you get outside of our little bubble and get to interact with others at conferences who have the same interests and goals at you.  I believe that research is one of the most important things we do here.

My research last year studied the impact of gender bias awareness on hire-ability.  I studied the effect of different bias awareness aids, for example using gender bias awareness quizzes and measures, to see if that would impact somebody’s perception of an interview candidate either positively or negatively.  What I found was that the measure itself differentiated scores between men and women, but they were consistent in the control condition.  This means that the control variable that didn’t have any gender bias awareness, produced a more coherent evaluation of the candidate between women and men.

I got invited to present at UCLA and UNR for psychology conferences which was very rewarding and made me feel like my hard work was worth it.  I’m excited to conduct my new research study next semester!”

  1. “Tell me about your experience working as an Intern so closely with the Psychology Department and the impact this experience has had on your life.”


“I absolutely love working as an intern.  I think that as a student, being able in a college setting to work so closely with the department head is great and not an opportunity that you get to have at many other universities.  I think it is a very valuable option for students at SNC.

  1. “Lastly, tell me about your experience as a psychology major with both the professors in our department and the required classes you have taken.  Have either of these things had an impact on your life?  If so… how?


“I think that initially I wasn’t planning on becoming a psychology major, but this program and the people in the program got me interested in this path and now I feel it is my calling and I value it so much.  The course content has helped me with both my relationships with family and my fiancé.  I think that I’ve learned that not everything is in our control.  Outside of just main tenants and principles of psychology, I believe that working with a  small group of people everyday has taught me to be mindful of the differences in all of our experiences and be more present in the moment, rather than focusing on road blocks that might occur in my future or the hardships of the past.  It has totally helped me to become a higher functioning person.”


Changing lives and making the world a better place.  Sounds like SNC’s psychology program is on the correct course.


Author: Ryan Knuppenburg (Senior Intern)

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