Humanities Professors Bankston and King Hit the Conference Scene.

Dr. Samantha Bankston and Dr. Robert King will be giving presentations at a variety of conferences this winter.  Dr. Bankston just returned from a conference for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society at Troy University, Alabama, where she delivered a talk on a post-structural analysis of Zelda Fitzgerald’s paintings.  Next in line, Dr. Bankston will be traveling to the University of Cincinnati where she’ll be presenting her paper, “The Ontological Parallax of Žižek and Deleuze: Dialectic vs. Assemblage and the Production of the New,” for the International Žižek Studies Conference where Slavoj Žižek himself will close the conference as the keynote speaker. Dr. Bankston will use the Slovenian philosopher’s notion of parallax to develop a new ontological theory that makes use of both Žižek’s and Deleuze’s epistemologies.  She hopes to exchange a “My God!” or an “and so on, and so on” with Žižek in person.  For his part, Dr. King will be attending a conference in Zurich, Switzerland, entitled, “Traveling Narratives: Modernity and the Spatial Imaginary.”  Dr. King will present his ideas on how we conceive, create, and are constrained by space in the modern system of capitalism.  His conference paper will also be featured as a chapter in a book, Ecocriticism and Geocriticism: Overlapping Territories in Environmental and Spatial Literary Studies.  King will also be traveling to New York City to give a paper at NYU.  There, the Telos Institute will be hosting a conference entitled, “The Difficulty of Democracy: Diagnoses and Prognoses.”  King will join leading scholars of the theory of democracy to discuss key issues confronting democracy in the world today.

Information about the conferences:

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