What does an Eagle’s Eye editor do?

newspaper editor flier
Deadline night – when editorial decisions are debated, stories edited, photos cropped, pages designed, coffee consumed, conversations bantered back and forth, and the Eagle’s Eye staff produces its bi-weekly newspaper.

Last Monday, the Eagle’s Eye editors opened their doors and invited other journalism students to view the process of putting a paper together. Reporters from the Journalism Workshop class attended, as well as students in the Introduction to Journalism class and students who are just interested in a journalism major.

After supplying their visitors with pizza and soda purchased by the Eagle’s Eye Club, which was hosting the event, the editors started working on the paper and explaining what they do.

Managing Editor Marissa Stone charted out the decision-making process that she goes through to determine what stories go where. This week’s dilemma: the front page news stories had no art (photos) to go along with them. What could the staff put on the front page? Online Editor Samantha Marquardt, just back from a Student Government Association conference in Washington, D.C., suggested photos from the trip, noting that the government shutdown prevented the students from a full visit of the nation’s capital. The idea dovetailed with two columns on the Forum page about Obamacare and the shutdown. Page 1 was begun.

Marquardt, News Editor Eliza Demarest and Photo Editor Danny Kern worked on stories, photos and pages as their guests looked on. The visitors learned that it’s a bummer when a mistake is made in the newspaper, but they also realized how many hundreds of facts need to be accurate, how many sentences must be grammatically correct, how many words spelled correctly, how many pages designed perfectly, and they were able to grasp what a tough job it is to put out a quality newspaper. The four editors and three reporters of the Eagle’s Eye staff are doing a pretty good job.

Stopping by for a quick visit was freshman Jamie Wanzek, who is, mostly likely, Sierra Nevada College’s first New Media Journalism student. This major joins previous Interdisciplinary majors of ODAL/Journalism and Digital Arts/Journalism.

As the visitors left the DART Lab in Prim 216, the four editors concentrated on their computer screens and got down to the business of laying out the 12-page paper that will be published on Thursday.

“Put another pot of coffee on; it’s going to be a long night.”

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