SGA upcoming spring events

Welcome back SNC! It looks like we all survived (another) end of the world. I hope everyone enjoyed their nice, long scholastic break and got in so much needed relaxing, riding, sleep, and of course some shinanigans here and there.

The new school year has now begun. It’s time to switch back into that productive mindset that so many of us poor, unemployed students lost during the course of the past several weeks. Let us welcome and embrace the new students and those who are now returning to us from their various adventures. Also, let us be inviting and accommodating to our new teachers and faculty.

Coming up these next weeks we have some fun events and also a new one. First up is our CLUB DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT! This will be replacing Club Field Day for this semester and it will take place at the Rec Center this coming Saturday, Feb 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.. It will be a single elimination tournament with teams of five gaining priority over smaller teams. If you’re short, get some last minute sign-ups everyone! Club Advisors are eligible to play too. The tournament will be capped at a maximum of eight teams so get your Club President to sign your team up in Patterson Lobby as soon as possible. All participant clubs will receive at least $100 and bonus points will be awarded to clubs that have team outfits.

After this our next event is Northstar Tubing that will be taking place on Friday, Feb. 8. This event will consist of an hour of tubing at Northstar followed by pizza in the village at Rubicon before returning to campus. Keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet. Also, Saturday, Feb. 23 is our Sugar Bowl ski day, where we get to cheer on our ski and board teams and have an opportunity to ride all day so keep an eye out for that too!

I hope everyone an educational and enjoyable semester! Also make sure to check out the SGA blog for other updates and to like us on Facebook.

SGA Senate President Tiago Galletti