A word on upcoming events from SGA

October is a busy month for all of us. As we students prepare for midterms and bunker down into the meat of the semester, we are also preparing for some of the biggest and best events of the fall. If you have been here for a couple of years you should be eagerly expecting these icons of autumn. If this is your first semester at SNC, prepare yourself.

First we have Pumpkin Carving on Oct. 18. This little event should wet your appetite for Halloween. The pumpkins you carve will be used to adorn the entrance to our annual Halloween dance. This year the dance will be Oct. 20, at the Hyatt of course. There will be a costume contest with prizes going to the winner of five different categories consisting of best duo/group, scariest, sexiest, funniest and most creative. Halloween is arguably one of our most fun events.

It comes at a great time for all of us hard working students to lift our heads from our studies and remember this is college, lets have some fun!

To kick off November and the holiday season that begins immediately after Halloween, we have our fall Casino Night. This will take place Nov. 1, in Patterson. The ticket revenue goes to charity and you have the opportunity to win some great prizes, so everyone wins. As ever, if you have a great idea or just want to be more involved our meetings are open. Your SGA executive board meets each Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the SGA office, stop by and contribute!

SGA has also launched their new blog with all their recent events, upcoming events, agendas for our weekly meetings and other information!

SGA Vice President, Jake Denney