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Staff Member of the Week

This week I interviewed Sarah A. Fricke, alumni and current employee of Sierra Nevada College, to gauge her experience at Lake Tahoe and the impact her education has made on her life. She is employed as the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Psychology Program Chair, Christina M. Frederick.

Sarah graduated from the Psychology Department at SNC in 2015. She is 27 years young and migrated to the Lake Tahoe basin from the Eastern San Francisco Bay area in 2012.  She decided on the Lake Tahoe area because she always came here on family vacations and has always loved it.  How did she find Lake Tahoe?  A simple google of colleges in Lake Tahoe, of course!

“How did the Psychology Department directly impact you when you were still a student”(Answers paraphrased)

– Donna Axton helped me through a lot of hardships when I first began at SNC. She is so kind and caring and she helped me foster those qualities in myself to improve life and relationships with others.  Also, Christina Frederick has been an integral part in my success as a student and has taught me so much in regards to my work ethic and handling more responsibilities.  Christina helped me to start believing more in myself and that is important.

“How has the Psychology Department impacted you since being a Teacher’s Assistant for Christina?”

– I’ve learned so much about teaching, helping others, being more in charge of my responsibilities, and it has improved my life overall. It has also prepared me for Graduate School in a big way.

“How did you get involved in working with Christina and becoming a Teacher’s Assistant?

– I had actually never met Christina, but I was friends with her previous Administrative Assistant. I interviewed with her and began as a student worker, helping with the psychology blog, various clerical duties, and doing internship hours.  Then I eventually got interviewed for the Administrative Assistant and TA positions.

“What are your future plans after you leave Sierra Nevada College?”

– I really would like to enroll in a graduate program in counseling. My future aspirations include helping juveniles in detention centers and helping implement programs in prisons so inmates can have access to higher education.

“Can you discuss the research you’ve been involved in here?”

– I conducted my undergraduate research on the topic of self-esteem. I was also invited to participate in two additional projects that were funded through the Sierra Nevada College Internal Grant (one focusing on provisional and probational students and one focusing on water conservation).

I presented my undergraduate research as well as the Internal Grant projects at the Sierra Nevada College Psychology Research Fair. I have also presented at various external conferences, such as, UCLA, Stanford, and UNR.

“Last but not least, what is your favorite memory from Lake Tahoe you will carry with you through out your life?”

– The day I graduated, because so many of my friends and family drove up from all over California to support me. It felt so amazing to know all my hard work had paid off.

Author: Ryan M. Knuppenburg (Senior Intern)

The Great Nevada Shake-Out 2017

Message Alert

October 19, 2017, Sierra Nevada College participated in the Great Nevada Shake-Out to raise awareness for earthquake safety!  This annual tradition educates students in Nevada colleges and high schools on the proper way to stay safe and avoid danger if an earthquake was ever to occur.  Over 590,000 people participated in the Great Nevada Shake-Out in 2016!

You can find more information about this event here:


Pictured from left to right: Sarah Fricke, Ryan Knuppenburg, and Christina Frederick

Our pretend scared faces quickly turned to laughter as we were all trying to squeeze under Christina’s tiny desk and take a selfie!

Did you know?  There is a 1/7000 chance of a tsunami occurring in the Tahoe Basin due to an earthquake.  That is a probability  value of 0.00014286 or approximately a 0.014826 percent chance.  The most recent earthquake in the Tahoe region was about 575 years ago on the Incline Fault.  This Fault becomes active about every 10,000 to 15,000 years.  Education and preparation for such an event is key to saving lives in these types of natural disasters.

Stay aware friends!


SNC Psychology End of Semester Updates

As the Spring 2017 semester came to a close, SNC psychology was out doing many awesome things!

100% of the Experimental Psychology class, as well as two alumni, presented their research at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) at UCLA.  PURC is one of the top psychology research conferences in the country and being accepted to present is no small feat.

Following the trip to UCLA, it was time for our seniors to walk across the Commencement stage and receive their diplomas.  A huge congratulations to all of the 2017 graduates and a special shout out to our psychology grads, Angel Gonzalez, Carrie Littlewood, Justine Nelson, Claire Riordan, Arno Ruymaekers, and Juan Sandoval!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are looking forward to the coming fall semester!


SNC Psychology April Update

Hi SNC Students, Faculty, and Staff,

It’s been an event filled last few weeks for SNC Psychology!

On Wednesday, April 12 we were honored to host a lecture on how to combat and overcome anxiety and worry, given by Dr. Barry C. Barmann of the Center for Anxiety & Chronic Worry located here in Incline Village.  Thank you to everyone who joined us and of course thank
you to Dr. Barmann for sharing his vast knowledge of expertise in his field with us.

Dr. Barmann speaking on worry

On Monday, April 17 SNC Psychology hosted our 7th Annual Psychology Research Fair!  It was a great time and a wonderful opportunity for our Psychology Seniors and Alumni to finally share their research they have been working so hard on for the last two semesters.  Thank you to everyone who attended, helped in the planning of the event, and of course our research extraordinaries for all the hard work you have put into your projects over the past two semesters.

The research presenters at the 7th annual SNC Psych Fair

Student Speaker, Angel Gonzalez, presenting his findings on the impact of media on male body image

Our students also had the opportunity to present their research at the Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium at UNR this last Friday, April 20.  Through a poster symposium, SNC Psychology students shared their findings alongside other Nevada undergraduates, covering a tremendous variety of subjects from nuclear physics, to climate change, and of course, psychology!  Sybile Moser had the distinct privilege of giving an oral presentation of her findings on the effect of gender bias on hireability.

Sybile on stage presenting her research at NURS

SNC Psychology at the NURS

The final stop along the SNC Psychology presentation locomotive will be the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference at UCLA on May 5!  Best of luck to our seniors and congratulations on all your hard work!

Have a great last few weeks of your Spring Semester, SNC!


SNC Psychology Early Spring Update!

Hi SNC Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Happy Spring! This month SNC Psychology has been hard at work gathering and preparing to present their research for the 7th Annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Fair held here at SNC on April 17th from 2-4pm in TCES 139/141. We encourage all campus and community members who are interested in learning more about what makes us human to come and support the findings of our senior psychology students.

We are proud to announce that our seniors have also submitted their research to UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference held in Los Angeles. Our students will find out the results of our their submissions on Wednesday! Best of luck to you all!

This month SNC Psychology moved beyond the classroom and taught a seminar on Survey and Interview Design at North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to share our insight with community members who are determined to become great leaders and make a difference in our world!

North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership Program

SNC Psychology moving beyond the classroom

SNC Psychology Gathers Research for Upcoming Psych Fair

Hi SNC Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Our amazing senior psychology students have been hard at work with their undergraduate research projects.  Thank you to those of you who have participated in our studies; we greatly appreciate your time and cooperation.  We can still use more participants!  If you would like to be a participant in our research, please contact Christina M. Frederick at

Be sure to come to our 7th annual Undergraduate Psychology Research Fair here at SNC on April 17th from 2-4pm in TCES 139/141.  This is a great opportunity for psychology students to gain insight into what they will be doing in the coming years, as well as anyone else who is simply interested in learning about what makes us human. We’re excited to present our findings that we’ve so diligently worked to uncover.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Experimental Psychology Students Prepare for Data Collection

The Experimental Psychology students are gearing up to begin data collection this week for their independent research projects. These students have been constructing these projects since the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.

We look forward to seeing your friendly faces and we cannot thank you enough for your support and participation!

See you around campus!

Psychology Students Prepare for the MFT

The Psychology students are preparing to take the Major Field Test in Psychology in December. Christina M. Frederick put together an amazing Jeopardy game to help facilitate studying. On Wednesday, 11/16, the students met for an evening of Jeopardy fun, which included snacks and prizes for the top three players. The MFT performance is supported in multiple ways, 1) through the Capstone course, and 2) through study sessions such as this. We look forward to more Jeopardy nights in the future!

SNC Psychology Alumni Pay a Visit

Four of our SNC Psychology alumni, Maggie Burns 14′, Sarah Fricke 15′, Carly Schleh 16′, and Kyle Kelly 16′, along with Henry Conover, visited the Research Methods class for a fun activity. This activity helped the Research Methods students tighten up their independent research project ideas.

It is always nice to have our alumni back on campus and interacting with our future graduates!


Getting Active for Research Methods

On Wednesday, 8/31, the Research Methods class took a trip outside to Patterson Lawn. The students participated in a research idea generating activity that included rolling die with various independent and dependent variables, throwing a football, and sharing their research ideas with the group.

These students are amping up to begin their own independent research projects and are looking forward to the process!

Die Activity Picstitch NEW