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Psychology Alumni Pay a Visit

As our Fall 2014 semester begins, our psychology alumni were gracious enough to share their experiences in both the Research Methods and Introduction to APA.  The alumni who visited included Morgan Burke, Cindy Conover, Kallie Day, Anza Jarschke, & Evelina Rutdal.  It is always great to see our alumni and hear about all of their achievements since graduation!





Active Learning Workshop II

Christina M. Frederick, Constance A. Barnes, Kallie B. Day, & Robert D. King presented a workshop focused on sharing a plethora of Active Learning techniques with Sierra Nevada College faculty at a Professional Development Worskshop on Tuesday, August 12.

We appreciate the enthusiasm from the audience and hope the content presented during this workshop will facilitate the practice of Active Learning at Sierra Nevada College in the coming Fall 2014 semester.



Beau Kissler and Christina Frederick get published!

Beau D. Kissler, BA, and Christina M. Frederick, Ph.D., have just been published in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences for their work entitled, The Heart’s Hand in Creativity: The Effect of Coherence™ Meditation.  Kissler conducted research that allowed him to collaborate with his dream organization, was invited to give a talk at Stanford University,  and completed a project which led to his third publication.

The Psychology Department looks forward to introducing our next published student!



Anna K. Jarschke Gets Published in Student Pulse

Anna K. Jarschke along with mentor and co-author, Christina M. Frederick, Ph.D., are now published in The International Student Journal, Student Pulse.  The title of the published work is The Influence of Gender on Long-Term Incidental Memory.  The article can be accessed at the following link:



Sierra Nevada College Psychology Students Attend 26th Annual APS Convention

Sierra Nevada College Psychology Students attended the 26th annual Association for Psychological Sciences (APS) conference held from May 22-25 in San Francisco, CA.  Undergraduate student researchers included Margaret K. Burns and Kallie B. Day.  Sierra Nevada College alumni included Constance A. Barnes.  Christina M. Frederick was also in attendance and presented alongside each of the students mentioned above.

The presentations included Cosmetics Use is Irrelevant When Considering Student Retention by Margaret K. Burns and Christina M. Frederick and Active Learning in Practice: Alignment and Misalignment of Faculty and Undergraduate Perspectives by Christina M. Frederick, Constance A. Barnes, Carly S. Courtney, Briana T. Crespo, Kallie B. Day, Robert D. King.

A unexpected highlight of the trip included meeting Dr. Philip Zimbardo who led the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971.

We look forward to attending many more APS conferences in the future.


SNC Psychology Students go to the University of Nevada, Reno to Present Research

UNR9 Sierra Nevada College undergraduates and 3 Sierra Nevada College Alumni presented their research at the Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium (NURS) on April 23rd, 2014 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The undergraduate students who presented included:

Jennifer Balaban,Morgan S. Burke, Margaret K. Burns, Kallie B. Day, Jamie L. Himes, and Dana Hoffelt.

Our Sierra Nevada College alumni who presented included:

Elizabeth M. Hill, who was also chosen for one of six oral presentations included during the conference and Constance A. Barnes (alumni) presenting with fellow undergraduate authors, Kallie B. Day, Carly Courtney, and Briana Crespo, and for mentors Christina M. Frederick and Robert King.

Our Sierra Nevada College Psychological Society was also in attendance for this event including, Stephanie Kwon, Zack Birdsdale, Tess Rafello, and Arno Ruymaekers.  A big thanks to the society for providing lunch for our presenters.

This trip was rewarding for both Sierra Nevada College’s undergraduate students as well as our alumni.  We look forward to presenting at many more NURS conferences in the future.

SNC Psychology Students go to UC Berkeley to Present Research

BIRCA total of five Sierra Nevada College undergraduates and three Sierra Nevada College alumni presented at the 3rd annual Berkeley Interdisciplinary Research Conference (BIRC) on May 3rd, 2014 at UC Berkeley.

The undergraduate students: Morgan S. Burke, Margaret K. Burns, Cindy A. Conover, and Dana Hoffelt.

Our Sierra Nevada College alumni and their projects included: Constance A. Barnes presenting for fellow authors, Christina M. Frederick, Kallie B. Day, Robert King, Carly Courtney, and Briana Crespo, Elizabeth M. Hill, and Anna Jarschke.

This trip was rewarding for both Sierra Nevada College’s undergraduate students as well as our alumni. We look forward to presenting at many more BIRC conferences in the future.

A huge congratulations to SNC psychology seniors and alumni!!!

This year we submitted to present at 3 external psychology conferences: Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium (NURS), UC Berkeley (BIRC), and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

I’m almost in shock to present a 100% hit rate.  What I am NOT is surprised because each and every one of these students deserves these opportunities given the blood, sweat, and tears they poured into their research.

In summary:

11 projects will be presented by  10 current SNC students and 4 alumni at NURS

8 projects will be presented by 7 current SNC students and 3 alumni at BIRC

2 projects will be presented by 5 SNC students and faculty at APS.

These students wanted these opportunities as bad as I wanted these chances for them.  A wonderful day in undergraduate research at SNC!

NURS                                    CAL Berkeley                                APS


Sierra Nevada College Welcomes Instructor Wade Brown

Sierra Nevada College would likeW. Brown to put forward a warm welcome to Thomas Wade Brown. Over the winter break, Wade accepted the position of Instructor of Humanities and Social Sciences and has been assigned to teach classes in the Psychology Program.

Wade is a doctoral candidate in behavioral psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is currently finishing his doctoral dissertation on the role of language in financial decision making. His research interests include Instructional Design, Adult Learning, Complex Organizational Behavior, and Behavior-Based Safety.

Early in Wade’s training, he identified a passion for teaching students. In 2010, he completed his Master’s Degree in Psychology where his thesis focused on digital math modules that assisted students in a statistics course. Since 2010, Wade has held a number of teaching appointments throughout the Northern Nevada region. In 2012, Wade was given the Excellence in Teaching Award for Psychology from Truckee Meadows Community College. He has taught a variety of different courses, ranging from Intro Psychology to courses in Organizational Behavior and Philosophy.

Wade has presented papers at Regional, National, and International conferences on a variety of topics including sports psychology, media interpretations of science, and university instruction. He maintains active professional memberships in a variety of organizations, and hopes to acquire leadership positions in regional organizations in the next few years.

Wade’s role at SNC started in 2011 when he was hired as an Instructional Designer for the Online Degree Program. To this day, Wade is still very active with this program where he continues to build and teach courses. This current semester, Wade is teaching Introductory Psychology, Environmental Perception and Human Development, and Neuroscience.

Wade is a native Nevadan and grew up in the southern part of the state. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing golf, and reading mystery novels. His biggest non-academic goal is to complete a half-marathon sometime in the next year.

Wade is incredibly excited to be working at Sierra Nevada College and hopes to be an asset to the college for years to come.

Psychology Program Workshop: Graduate School in Psychology

SUCCESS is the word to use when describing Wade Brown’s first Psychology Program Workshop on Graduate School in Psychology!  The first of four workshops in this series focused on graduate school applications.  There will be 3 more workshops, each on a unique topic (e.g., personal statements, CVs, and supplemental materials), this semester (details below image).

Graduate School Workshop

March 27th 5:30-6:45p

Personal Statements

Objective: The purpose of this workshop is to inform students about the Personal Statement portion of the graduate application. Personal statements are easily the most difficult portion of the application process. A short description of personal statements will be provided, following an interactive workshop where student attendees will actually generate portions of their statements. Students are encouraged to bring laptop computers to this event in order to view application requirements from institutions and to begin writing their own statements.

Deliverables: Students will leave this session with a partial draft of their personal statement, handouts and materials guiding the process, and a list of resources to aid in the writing process.


April 10th 5:30-6:45p

Drafting a Curriculum Vita (CV)

Objective: This workshop will explore the formatting of the Curriculum Vita. Student attendees will be informed of appropriate sections and headers of the CV and view multiple variations for the first portion of the workshop. The session will then focus on an interactive portion where students will either edit their existing CV or start composing a new one. Students are encouraged to bring laptop computers in order to properly engage with the writing process.

Deliverables: Students will leave this session with a partial draft of their Curriculum Vita, handouts and resource materials describing the document, and a list of resources that will aid in the writing process.

April 24th 5:30-6:45p

GPA, GRE, and Supplemental Materials

Objective: This workshop will focus on the typical supplemental materials that need to accompany traditional graduate applications. Information will be provided on the importance of GPA and transcript information, scores on standardized tests, and other forms to include. An emphasis will be placed on the importance of forming diverse professional relationships from your degree granting institute.

Deliverables: Students will leave this session with handouts regarding upcoming testing dates and information on various subject tests.