5th Annual Psychology Research Fair Wrap-up

2:00pm on April 20th marked the beginning of the 5th annual Psychology Research Fair. This event represented the culmination of a year of hard work from the students in PSYC 445: Experimental Psychology. The event kicked off with an introduction of each of the presenters and their research topics. Following the introduction, Kimberly Keyzers presented her research on how the type of food located at grocery entrances impacts healthy food selection. Once the talk was complete, individual students presented their research via poster. The presenters were extremely satisfied with the level of engagement from the students, faculty, community, and evaluators.

Here are the details regarding the student presenters:

Publication Name Project Title
Sean P. Burke Attention, Attention: Consistent Sensory Stimulation Reduces Inattentional Blindness
Philip B. Chiesa Getting Creative: Does Boredom Positively Impact Creativity?
Amber E. Durk The Influence of Names on Self-accountability
Juventino Espinoza The Impact of Goals on Productivity
Sarah A. Fricke The Looking Glass Self: The Impact of Explicit Self-Awareness on Self-Esteem
Mary C. Hall Heightened Self-Awareness Increases Immediate Perception of Sexual Satisfaction
Tessa M. Sorensen The Power of a Few Words: Prosocial Priming Decreases Disinhibited Behavior in Cyberspace
Kimberly A. Keyzers Be Smart About Where You Start: Grocery Entrances Impact Healthy Food Selection
Chelsea L. Lee Alpha Binaural Beats Impact when Combined with Classical Music or Modern Day Music
Kristina Miranda Immediate Reduction of Perceived Stress Using Dance
Erica R. Nelson Swipe Left: Online Dating Profile Pictures Do Not Impact Narcissism

The Psychology Department would like to extend a special thanks to Shannon Beets for her support of our research process and Steve Ellsworth as our statistics consultant. Our dedicated evaluators were Wade Brown, Josee Perrine, Morgan Burke, Betts Markle, Kendra Wong, Kallie Day, Dana Hoffelt, Cindy Conover, and Kara Fox.

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