Sustainability Club supports this week’s film festival

By Rachael Blum

Rachael Blum

My role in the Sustainability Club is as co-president with Marina McCoy. We like to give club members opportunities to explore and learn how to be more sustainable in their daily practices while also exploring and providing opportunities to attend neat events pertaining to sustainable matters.

Sustainability Club has had a slow start in regards to recruiting members. We are working on changing a few things, but plan to begin implementing projects including improved recycling on campus, food improvements in the bookstore, student bus passes, fill stations etc. Meetings are Mondays at 6 pm in TCES lounge.

For the Sustainability Film Festival on Nov. 6-9, we have made efforts to make it a Zero Waste Event by teaming up with IVGID’s Waste Not program. There will be recycling and composting bins available on site to help reduce the waste we generate.

I am interested in sustainability and the Sustainability Film Festival because this information is important and not always heard about. The issues highlighted in the realm of sustainability are more than just “green” issues; they’re life issues. If we want to stick around, we’ve got to start paying attention and make some big changes on many fronts.

Students should check out the film festival to get a wide range of information on what’s going on in the word in respects to environmental issues. These are hot topics that will affect us one way or another, sooner or later. My hope is that the movies may spark inspiration to get involved or look further into a topic of interest. Maybe even recruit some club members 😉


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