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Student Symposium

Tonight we celebrated student work in all disciplines.

Trevor Jackson, Jake Pollack, and Nick Cahill represented Interdisciplinary Studies well tonight. Jake tied for second place and Nick and Trevor won People’s Choice

Other representatives from Business were:

UrbanFeat – Jaka, Sabrina, Viking, and Marcus

Northern Nevada Studios – Mitch, Jake, and Jarrett

CrazEconomics – Stine

Okanogan – Shane and Brad

Pure Ski Experience – Matea, Luca, and Tea

We are proud of the scholarship and collegiality that all of our students displayed tonight.


The CrazEconomics team put on another great presentation last night at their club event. Last night’s topic was Debt and Deficit.


Philip, Jake, Ricko, Matea, and Stine field questions from the audience

Four of their team members head to Wisconsin today to present at the National Council on Undergraduate Research. Stine and Marcus will be presenting “The Real Story and Real Solution for the Housing Crisis.” Philip and Ricko will be presenting. “Flaws in the World’s Leading Democracy,” a presentation about the electoral college system.