ENTP 200 Students Make an Impact

Students in my ENTP 200 – Foundations of Entrepreneurship class had $5.00 and two hours to make as much money as possible.  Students stepped up to the challenge, their ideas were:

  • Selling raffle tickets to win entries to the Reno Santa Crawl
  • Selling grilled cheese and tomato soup in Patterson
  • Selling donuts, churros, and pastries
  • Selling snowballs to throw at a team member
  • Selling raffle tickets for a $30 Starbucks gift card
  • Selling ski tuning services
  • Selling pizza slices

Students quickly learned that identifying target markets and advertising were important.  Students made over $300 in profit, which will be donated to the Pet Network in the name of Gracie Parada.  Gracie is the beloved pet of one of our classmates who passed away last week.

Inspiration for this final project came from the Stanford Design School.


Bryant gets hit with a snowball

photo 3

Making grilled cheese and soup

photo 2

Pitching pizzas on the sidewalk