Adjunct Faculty Spotlight: Stacy Taylor

Stacy Taylor came to SNC a little over a year ago and teaches courses in both macroeconomics and microeconomics. Stacy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Washington State University and earned her MBA from Portland State University.

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Prior to joining the Business Department, Stacy had multiple careers in teaching as an “outstanding undergrad,” banking, and international consulting in sales management. Stacy spent the majority of her career, 25 years, in banking, with 11 of those years for Bank of America.

She chose to come to SNC because of our ability to “prepare students for a real and changing world.” Stacy says that “students are going to be in jobs that haven’t been created yet.” She believes that since the world is changing so much, majors aren’t going to matter as much as the ability to critically think through an issue or solve a problem. Stacy came to SNC because of our emphasis on team building, critical thinking, small class sizes, and problem solving.

Much like SNC, Stacy is committed to student learning and transforming students’ lives. She is excited to be a part of a program that helps launch students into the world and loves seeing the growth of the students she teaches. When asked about her classes so far gleaming from ear to ear, Stacy said, “I LOVE THEM!”