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Rachel Wiliams…

Here are a few shots from the Rachel Williams lecture. There was a great turn-out and a very “innovative” use of a white bed sheet….Following the lecture were our new faculty shout outs and wow…we have some thought provoking new peeps in the mix here at SNC. A highlight of the presentations was new Theatre instructor, Pan’s spoken word piece…..even little Isle (13 months old) was at complete and utter attention for his powerful and moving piece….wish I had captured it on tape…oh well, I guess that’s why they call it a performance.

Can you build a room inside of a room? “R.R. Smith” Installation!

I have to admit…I had my doubts..building a room in a room…in one day?…but with many hours of physical man labor they pulled it off. And let’s face it…I was probably more in the way than anything! haha

So….Here are some recent shots of Artist Pete Froslie and his crew..including Steve, Brother-Nick and Nick, and Dad. (I told them I would make sure their names made it into the show somehow.) It was great seeing them work together, obviously long-time friends/family and I am totally impressed at the results. Tomorrow the festivities will continue……

Come by the show “R.R. Smith” which runs from Aug. 24-Sept.25 with Closing Reception/artist lecture on Sept. 24th.

See more of Frosie’s work at

“Print Your Pet” with Mary Kenny at Brickletown, Truckee, CA

A satisfied customer!

Some of the “Crafternooners” hard at work transferring their pet images to blocks to be printed.
Another satisfied customer….you really have a pet Ostrich?

One of the stars of “Crafternoon”…..Tulip!

The star of the show…..our very own….Mary Kenny!

This is part of an ongoing Brickletown event that will happen on specific afternoons this fall. “Crafternoons” is brought to you by the members of the Brickletown square in Truckee, CA. Please stay tuned for more announcements for specific activities including….sewing afternoons, book-making, and other fun options. This is an exciting way to get to know the Truckee community, and learn new creative outlets.

“STUDIO DRIVE-BY” video clips of Miami Artists in their studios

Check out this site with great footage of young, hip Miami Artists in their studios.

The series is called “Studio Drive-By.”
In each video the film crew asks the artists…”Why do you do this.. ” and “What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” Ever wonder how REAL people actually answer that?? Click here to find out….


BFA students….here is a not to miss opportunity to show your work!

“The 2009 event is a painting and printmaking competition.”
“There will be five printmaking and five painting awards given for the 2009 competition.  Over $10,000 in awards and scholarships will be give to award winners, and all 10 artists will participate in a 1-week exhibition program during the summer in New York City. ‘Students will work live and work together in a workshop environment to design, construct, hang, and ope their own show.  Each award winner will be provided travel expenses, room and board, the cost of shipping artwork to the event site.  At the conclusion of the show, BFA Now will host a rooftop party with 360 degree views of New York City.’ “


MOCA, Los Angeles.
Martin Kippenberger, The Problem Perspective
Energetic, colorful and massive body of work by an artist whose career spanned an impressive but quick 20 years. The work ranges from simple line drawings, large-scale paintings both representational and abstract, to large installations while containing a seriously wide range of subject matter using humor, satire, historical reference, personal experience, lots of self reference,  and all-around acute technical craftsmanship.
The variety of medium, subject matter, and the overall expansive number of amazing works is quite refreshing.  
The greatest part of the exhibition (besides ALL OF THE COLOR….for a color junkie it was seriously satisfying) were the arrangement of hundreds of sketches running through each exhibition room Kippenberger would create at different hotels he would stay at.  Each of the pieces of paper the drawings were composed on still contained each Hotel’s Monogram!  The range of subject matter and the technical skill of the “sketches” is incredible, as you could actually see the wheels spinning in this man’s head right there on paper.  I have to admit it kicked me in the butt a bit to begin sketching again, and reminded me of the possibility, exercise, and beauty simple (or in this case not so simple) sketching holds!  So my mixed media class is going to be in for some serious sketching exercising this upcoming semester!!! wooohoooo!!