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Cat in the Bag

Here are some pics from Carrie Hall’s BFA show last week – it was both an art show and a sort of opening for her outerwear company, Carrie put together whole team to realize her vision of creating snow jackets with her photography printed on them – sourcing material, researching textile printers that were up to her aesthetic and environmental standards, working with a local seamstress to make the patterns into wearable fashion – it was quite an undertaking. Here are some pics of the reception & talk from SNC student Annie Mac:
CarrieSHW1 CarrieSHW2 CarrieSHW3 CarrieSHW4 CarrieSHW5 CarrieSHW6 CarrieSHW7 CarrieSHW8

Streamline Trailer 2

Wax on Wax off

So the art department here has been given the very wonderful opportunity of owning an Air stream Trailer.  It’s been to Burning Man, it’s held ceramics sales for the clay club, its held art shows and installations for students, it’s even been used as a place for a DJ to play for Art Prom last spring.  It’s a staple for this department, the way I hear others talk about it you would think that it’s a family member.

The trailer has given so much to this department, so in return the art club showed it a little love this weekend.  This was no easy task. We had to gently remove the growing spider population from the inside back out into the world one by one.  After hours of scrubbing windows and wiping down every forgotten nook and cranny, as a team we once again got the trailer looking spiffy.

Although cleaning and working hard isn’t exactly a recipe for a lot of students to show up and help out, we had a few troopers who graciously gave up a few hours from their day to help.  And after hours of elbow grease,  trailer polish being flung into our eyes, and a consumption of too much left over Halloween candy the trailer is much closer to being ready for the big plans for it in the near future.  Streamline Trailer 1Streamline Trailer 2

It’s okay to be jealous.

winning business idea 2013

Forest Jade: Jale and Warren Trepp Business Competition

Interdisciplinary student (Digital Art & Entrepreneurship) Forest Jade participated in the Jale and Warren Trepp Business Competition last spring, and made it all the way to the Governor’s Cup, a statewide Business Plan Competition (his team didn’t win that round, but another SNC team, Pure Ski Experience, snagged second place). Here’s a short video he made about the first leg of that journey:

This Wednesday, November 6th, the Business Department is hosting an Innovative Ideas pitch competition – winners will automatically be entered into next year’s Jale and Warren Trepp Business Competition. More info on the flyer below:

winning business idea 2013