Frosty Needles

No need to grow up

As long as I can remember I’ve always been in total awe of the environment, especially mountainous areas. Even as a kid I vividly remember romping through the outdoors and collecting sticks or rocks and feathers.  To be totally honest I still do that in a way.  I’m a aspiring photographer myself and what I decided was instead of having a house full of sticks, trees and rivers, the best way to capture my love and connection with the outdoors is to take a photo.  A couple weeks back the sierra’s received some snow.  The snow lover that I am, you better bet that I was out there collecting trees and leaves and snow flakes with my camera.  Here are a couple photos that I took.


Snow kissed grass Snow Tree Frosty Needles

Another Artist that I learned about recently who creates sculptures out of what he finds in the environment and then photographs them is Andy Goldsworthy.  He does amazing work and you should take a peek at his work.


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