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Trashion Fashion

There’s an upcoming project that my design class is partaking in, it’s called the Trashion Show.  A trashion show is basically a fashion show that we the students have to make an outfit within a theme from gathered recycled materials and trash.




Pictures found from

One example of what events like this look like can be seen here TRASHion Show

Our show, I believe it is taking pace on November 20th.  Which you may not be aware is three weeks away.  Three. as in twenty one days.  The theme this year is Dirty Dapper.  As a total newby to this project I have to be honest, It’s very hard not to approach this with a “Glass half empty” point of view.  All I can disclose for now is that I’m making a dress.  I wouldn’t want to give away the surprise of the final product. I have a pretty elaborate plan for my dress, but now it’s time to go find materials and make something awesome out of it!

Frosty Needles

No need to grow up

As long as I can remember I’ve always been in total awe of the environment, especially mountainous areas. Even as a kid I vividly remember romping through the outdoors and collecting sticks or rocks and feathers.  To be totally honest I still do that in a way.  I’m a aspiring photographer myself and what I decided was instead of having a house full of sticks, trees and rivers, the best way to capture my love and connection with the outdoors is to take a photo.  A couple weeks back the sierra’s received some snow.  The snow lover that I am, you better bet that I was out there collecting trees and leaves and snow flakes with my camera.  Here are a couple photos that I took.


Snow kissed grass Snow Tree Frosty Needles

Another Artist that I learned about recently who creates sculptures out of what he finds in the environment and then photographs them is Andy Goldsworthy.  He does amazing work and you should take a peek at his work.


By Flor Widmar

Print Making YouTube Assignment

The art gallery hallway in the Prim Library is one way Sierra Nevada College provides opportunities to the fine arts department to display their art work and what current classes are working on.  Currently hung is the print making classes latest assignment.  They had to include four or more colors in their creative screen prints and it had to represent a You Tube star.  Here’s a peek at some of the screen prints done by SNC print making students.  Below is the screen print as well as the link of the video came from. Enjoy!!

Charlie Bit Me

By Flor Widmar

By Flor Widmar

The Simpsons intro with Family Guy

Sean Leahy

By Sean Leahy

Sweet Brown

Jordan Cronin

By Jordan Cronin

Kai, Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

By Michael Ballew

By Michael Ballew

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag

By Stephanie Campbell

By Stephanie Campbell

Fall Semester Well Under Way

The Fine Arts Department has been busy this semester with a handful of events they have attended and hosted.  To kick off the new school year they hosted Weenie Wednesday.  This event was open to all who were interested in some free hot dogs and a good time.  Lot’s of current art students as well as new students attended the event. Hot Dog Mania

Soon following the welcome back Wednesday was the Art and Ceramics club fundraiser event at Candy Dance in Genoa, NV.  Candy Dance is a huge art and craft show that the art club goes to every year.  “We don’t sell any art there but we go down and cook 5000 hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and veggie burgers and hang out and grill out all day,” said clay club president Flor Widmar.

The Fine Arts Department was a success as they made and sold a good amount of burgers and were able to raise money for the department.

Tomorrow October 15, 2013 at 7 p.m. The Art Department will be holding a club meeting discussing future trips and events and free food will be served.