Windows, stairwells, walls, mirrors

Just before the semester wrapped up, I snapped some pics of student art that had materialized in various nooks and crannies of the art building. Stairwells and windows often form a distributed display space in David Hall — here are a few examples of uncommissioned “public works” — I’m making a couple educated guesses as to the authorship in a couple cases, and if I’ve guessed wrong, please correct me in the comments to this post and I’ll rectify the situation.

I think this text application was done by Molly Allen:

I know this is Victoria Buck’s — she did it for the final for my independent film class:

The clocks above the windows in the printmaking area were done by Jesyka Hayworth; I think the raindrops are hers, too:

I don’t know who painted the “instant hairstyle” mirror, also on the third floor:

The rose prints, I believe, are Jennifer Yordy’s:

More work by Jesyka Hayworth — her take on the indepenedent film class final:

And this four-part sculpture, unless I’m mistaken, is the work of Anza Jarshke Pete from the New Genres class (anyone got a last name?):

One thought on “Windows, stairwells, walls, mirrors

  1. AnZa

    Hey Chris, thanks for the credit, but it was actually Pete's. I don't know his last name. It was for our New Genre's final.


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