Counting Down

It’s that time of the semester again; that time when the deadlines creep faster than we all can comprehend. Graduation in 2.5 months? Absurd! In spirit of the whiteboard countdowns that seem to crop up from time to time, I thought a nice post with a collection of dynamic countdowns could be a good bookmark for the coming weeks.’S BFA SHOW&size=giant&mo=03&da=10&yr=2011’S BFA SHOW&size=giant&mo=03&da=24&yr=2011’S BFA SHOW&size=giant&mo=04&da=07&yr=2011 FAY’S BFA SHOW&size=giant&mo=04&da=14&yr=2011’S BFA SHOW&size=giant&mo=04&da=21&yr=2011

Countdowns created with OnePlusYou

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