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Hazel Halloween

If you’re looking for some seasonally appropriate reading tonight, after appeasing the diminutive ghouls at your doorstep, you can profitably head over to Arbogast on Film, a fine horror movie blog that celebrates October with the feature “31 Screams” — for each day of the month, Arbogast writes about a memorable horror-movie scream, with a liberal amount of mouth-agape or teeth-bared screencaps. (It should probably go without saying that, since horror movies are known to feature gruesome and disreputable subject matter, the blog sometimes features images that might not be quite SFW)

One post this October actually has a small connection to the art collection of SNC. In the TCES building there’s a sculpture by Hazel Court, who moved to Incline in 1999 (and who sadly passed away in 2008). Before becoming a painter and sculptor, Court was an actress who starred in several of Roger Corman’s horror films — including “Premature Burial,” which features a scene of graveyard screaming that Arbogast saw fit to memorialize, as it were.

I’ll have a future blog post on Court and her sculpture, but couldn’t let Halloween pass without a brief tip of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Friday Random #1

On certain Fridays I’ll post five more or less random images, culled from a folder I keep for images downloaded from the internet. I offer them without comment or context — sometimes I’ve forgotten the context and origin of the images myself (you can always avail yourself of if you’re feeling desperate). They’re simply things that, for one reason or another, caught my eye and imagination. You can click on them to see larger versions. Here’s today’s batch:

Burning Man, Cookies, Latex Grenade, et al.

Here are some short documentaries that were created for the documentary class running this semester. The assignment was an exercise in using audio interviews and still images. Three of the students were also in the burning man class; they each looked at the experience from different angles.

Here’s Victoria Buck’s piece on looking at Burning Man in retrospect:

Thomas Grana’s overview of the structures the students inhabited at their encampment:

Jenna Bache’s look at the burning man himself, and what he represented to Thomas as he went down in flames:

Outside of Burning man, Jake O’Leary did a profile of an aspiring filmmaker:

Lane Huntington interviewed the bassist for Latex Grenade:

Victor Gutierrez walks us through a cookie recipe:

Italian Sushi

Marco Ciafarone, one of our students from L’Aquila last year, recently posted a note on the SNC/FA facebook page. An animated short he created in the advanced animation class here at SNC was accepted on an Italian art website. Click here to see the animation (I’ve posted a still below):

Here’s Marco’s message:

Hi to everybody from Italy!
The video I realised for Advanced computer Animation at SNC has just been accepted by an Italian art website which gather young Italian video&sound; artists, and I’m very happy of that. It’s a good occasion to thank the SNC fine arts department for making my experience in the states so unique and productive – the faculty and the students, everybody! – thanks so much folks, i love you!

candy combover

A new show of student work, juried by the student gallery club, is up at the Reference Gallery, on the third floor of Prim Library. The show is called “Candy Combover” and here are a few details of some of the work on display. Check it out in person when you get a chance.


Two weeks ago I completed an installation in a secret niche on the SNC campus. It was up long enough for some friends and the New Genres class to pass through. Here is some documentation, though it seems to fall short of the actual space.

The piece was done in two parts, the first part consisted in following a map to a special aspen grove (while the leaves were changing) and collect data. the second part was rebuilding the space with the data I collected.

Things I speculated/ buzz-words:
language barriers and translations
man machine vs. natural machine


I find that I am contemplating what to do after I graduate in the spring time. It comes to me all the time, like when I’m concentrating on a sentence or picking out my socks.. BAM! “What are your plans after your done?” “Are you going to grad school?” “What kind of job do you want?” 
The commitment to anything right now makes me want to hop in a time machine and go back to the 60’s and hitch-hike to someplace obscure. I guess what I’m saying is, the idea of building a form of mobile living to attach to my Ford Ranger is very appealing right now. I was googling images of home made campers and I found some good ones…
I feel like my ideal camper would be a hybrid of all the examples provided.. Maybe I would have an electric tricycle, with a tag-a-log type teardrop gypsy king, mini eco bubble chambers, and solar panels… and maybe it could be attached to the Lone Ranger for trips to colder climates…. maybe I could trike-it all the way to burning man… the Yucatan… (fade in camper bike atop Machu Pichu)

Starland, Bambi and the rest

Via the Burning Man Class blog, here’s a video tour of the class encampment, created by Logan Lape and Tom Grana in the Video Practices class.

NWGN 430 Starland from Tom Grana on Vimeo.

More Burning Man documentation to come — three students who went to Black Rock are in my Documentary class, and are polishing up some mini-docs about the experience.