Loosening up

Just prior to starting a big drawing project, I caught a performance by the talented local choreographer and UNR Dance Prof Cari Cunningham. Her company performed three pieces at the Urban Market in downtown Reno — the event was sponsored by the Holland Project. I was itching to get a few drawings out of my hand, since it’d been a couple weeks since I’d put pen to paper — the only drawing surface I had at my disposal was a flyer for Coconut Body Butter. When I got home I laid some marker over the pen doodles of the dancers — I like the way the color blobbed up on the slick flyer surface. The color is in a permanent state of smudgeability — I have a suspicion that if I run my finger over it a year from now, the colors will slide off the page like an oil slick.

There’s a photo set of the three performances at the Holland Project’s flickr page, from which the below photo is taken:

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